The toddler classes are conducted by Professor Uakari and Instructor Jambo (husband and wife team) who, together have been teaching capoeira in Townsville to kids and adults for more than 15 years. This class was started because their own son wanted to play capoeira too!


"As parents ourselves, we understand that many parents and families have very busy lives and we may not always have the time to participate in sports or activities. We believe that by participating in a class together with your toddler and by giving them your undivided attention, you will foster a healthy relationship, create more social opportunities and demonstrate the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle."

The focus for these sessions is to introduce toddlers to the art of capoeira and assist them in the development of their balance, concentration, confidence, co-ordination and body control, perception, reflex and reaction, music & rhythm and timing, flexibility, attention, listening and social skills.

In our classes we sing songs (in Portuguese); clap and play the instruments for capoeira. We play games and do exercises to improve team skills, co-ordination, fitness, learn how to follow directions and take turns. We also introduce basic acrobatics and tumbling to improve body control, strength and balance; and of course we teach basic non-contact capoeira moves (including kicks and escapes).

The capoeira taught at the toddler class is non-contact where your child will learn how to body control through the basic movements (understanding directions: forward, backward, side, over, under, around, through). Our class is taught with more focus on the children's active participation rather than correcting their technique.

In our classes, both children and parents will have a better understanding of the art of capoeira. Children will also develop awareness of their immediate surroundings (perception and vision) and develop their reflexes all in a fun, friendly, positive and safe environment.

If you have any more questions about our class, please contact us.

View our 2 minute toddler video here

Term 1 Commences Saturday 9th February




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