TERM 1 COMMENCES : Saturday 9th February 8:45am (duration 8 weeks)

The aim of our toddler classes is to introduce toddlers to the art of capoeira and assist them in the development of their balance, concentration, confidence, co-ordination and body control, perception, reflex and reaction, music & rhythm and timing, flexibility, attention, listening and social skills.

In our classes we sing songs (in Portuguese); clap and play the instruments for capoeira.We play games and do exercises to improve team skills, co-ordination, fitness, learn how to follow directions and take turns. We also introduce basic acrobatics and tumbling to improve body control, strength and balance; and of course we teach basic non-contact capoeira moves (including kicks and escapes).

The capoeira taught at the toddler class is non-contact where your child will learn how to body control through the basic movements (understanding directions: forward, backward, side, over, under, around, through). Our class is taught with more focus on the children's active participation rather than correcting their technique.

Cost for 8 week Term: $100

Class Times

Saturdays 8:45am

As we have limited spaces in our toddler classes, we encourage you to book early to secure your spot in our class.

Want to know more about our toddler classes, click here.

Contact info@capoeiraschool.com.au or phone: 4773 6877 for more information.

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