Mestre Peixe

Group Capoeira Brasil – Townsville is supervised by Mestre Peixe (also known as Andre Cerutti), whose headquarters is based in Sydney, Australia. 

Mestre Peixe was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is a student of Mestre Boneco. Prior to studying the art of Capoeira, he had trained in a number of martial arts, but found Capoeira captured his attention after watching a display by Mestre Boneco.

André Cerutti was given his Capoeira nickname by Mestre Boneco at his first grading. The name Peixe Ensaboado means 'slippery fish'.

In 2004, Peixe received his black cord (the highest cord in our group), from the founders of Capoeira Brasil and other highly acclaimed masters: (Master Acordeon, Master Toni Vargas, Master Lobão, Master Peixinho, Master Gato, Master Hulk, Master Rã, Master Ramos, Master Cabeça, Master Indio, Master Girino, Master Naval, Master Mão Branca, Master Paulão and Master Boneco).

Mestre Peixe has contributed much to the standard of Capoeira in Australia, has brought many great masters to Australia. He has given countless demonstrations, festival performances, workshops and television appearances. Peixe is also a co-founder of the International College of Capoeira (ICC), (est. 2009), now known as College of Sport and Fitness (Syd).

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