GCB Townsville

Group Capoeira Brasil Townsville was established in 2001. Our group is a branch of one of the world’s largest and respected Capoeira schools throughout the world. GCB- Townsville operates under the instruction of Matthew Eales, (aka Instructor Uakari) with the supervision and direction of Andre Cerutti (Formado Peixe-Ensaboado), whose headquarters is located in Sydney. The GCB Townsville Branch has its academy in Aitkenvale, Townsville. GCB-Townsville has regular classes for adults and children.

(Click here to view our regular classes timetable)

To date, GCB-Townsville Matthew Eales together with his team of instructors and monitors have conducted numerous workshops in various local schools, community centres, community activities and organizations. The GCB-Townsville Performance Team have also performed and represented our group at various functions, schools and at local, interstate and international events. (Click here to view a short video of us in action).

The GCB Townsville Branch aims to promote and teach Capoeira to all interested persons with a high standard and quality while observing and traditions of the roots of Capoeira.

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