Formando Uakari

Head of School – Townsville

Matthew Eales, who is also known as Formando Uakari has been practising Capoeira for more than 16 years. He received his brown cord recently (Oct 2014) at the International Capoeira Festival and Batizado in Sydney from his master, Mestre Peixe in the presence of two founding Mestres of our group: Mestre Boneco & Mestre Palao Ceara.

Matthew received his nickname “Uakari” because of his ability to hold handstands for a long time, until his face grew red. (A Uakari is a rare Brazilian monkey, found in the Amazon forest, with white fur and a red face).

With more than 15 years teaching experience, Matthew is a full time capoeirsta who is dedicated to learning, teaching and promoting the art of Capoeira. He enjoys sharing his passion with everyone. Matthew is also a qualified Personal Trainer and an Aqua Instructor (Certifcate III and IV in Fitness).

He regularly travels to Sydney to train under Mestre Peixe and has been invited by other Capoeira Schools in the Pacific and Asia as a guest instructor facilitating workshops for children, youths and adults; as well as being a part of the international performance team.

Uakari has hosted several Capoeira festivals and workshops in Townsville since 2001, with invited guests including: Mestre Boneco (Founding Master CBLA), Mestre Peixe (GCB Syd, Aus), Mestre Espiga (GCB RJ, Brasil) Mestra Meire Lou (GCB Bondi, Aus),  Mestre Caveirinha (Mandginga, CA, USA), Formando Morcego (GCB RJ, Brasil), Contra Mestre Rodrigo (Senzala, Canberra Aus), Formando Ourico (GCB, Syd Aus), Formando Chumbinho (GCB, Hong Kong), Formanda Potiguara (GCB, Newtown Aus), Professor Javali (GCB New Caledonia),  Professora Cherie (GCB, New Caledonia), Professor Fila (GCB, Syd Aus), Professor Fominha (GCB, Syd) and many other instructors.

Uakari has also travelled to Brasil and has had the opportunity to participate in classes and workshops conducted by: GCB - Mestres/Formados: Boneco, Paulao Ceara, Paulinho Sabia, Girino, Naval, Linguica, Currumim, Espiga, Ti Ti Ti, Caxias, Leo Pivete. Uakari has also met and trained with Mestres Toni Vargas & Ramos, (Senzala), Caveirinha (Mandinga), Suassuna (Cordao De Ouro), Itapoan (Ginga) and Mao Branca (Gerais).

Matthew has also invited many Instructors, Teachers, Formandos and Mestres to his Capoeira Festivals in Townsville for the benefit of his students and to share the art of capoeira with the Townsville community.

If you would like to view a full resume, please contact us.

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